Wholesale Options

Give us a call for pricing (312) 714-5244 & meeting your specific needs.


Teabags Single Serving

Plain tea bags without overwrapping or individual labels. Perfect for canisters or jars in your office kitchen.


WIth Overwrap

Tea Bags with overwrap and labels. Perfect for restaurants and lounges.


In PInk Boxes

Tea Bags are wrapped in cellophane and delivered in our signature pink boxes.


Gallon Brewbags

Our customized brew bags are perfect if you’re brewing large batches for your guests. Prices vary depending on how many gallons you wish to brew at a time. Delivered in our signature pink boxes.


Loose Leaf per pound

All teas can be provided by the pound, ideal for retail bulk containers, prices vary.


In Jars

These beautiful airtight jars are perfect for showcasing the tea and the wide mouths allow for easy access.


In Canisters

We can help you decide the right canisters for your location. These stainless steel jars are one example of the variety of containers available.


Marteani Mixers

Want to offer your guests a lighter healthier cocktail? This is the perfect accompaniment for any beverage, with or without alcohol. Our mixers are prebrewed and bottled, straight tea without anything added. We’ll even supply you with drink recipes. Perfect for bars and restaurants as well as events and private parties.


Party Favors

Fun and festive party favors with customized labels of any color and variety you wish. Perfect for savoring memories.



Have any other ideas? We will provide tea any way you wish. Let us know:)