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We are dedicated to helping the bees and pollinators. To do that we only use 100% organic ingredients free of bee harming pesticides.
Ultimately we’re all connected; if one of us is unwell we are all unwell. The bees are just one indication of the present imbalanced state of our dear planet.  That’s why we promote a zero pesticide policy and donate 5% of our profits to organizations helping the bees and pollinators.  Pesticides harm bees, without bees we will have no tea or foods to eat. 
Find out what’s behind the bee crisis: http://panna.org/bees




To us the best cannot be compromised, and the farming methods and entire process must be sustainable, organic and nonGMO.  Until we have  our own local organic herb farm, we will continue to gather ingredients from farmers we trust.  Zero Pesticides.
All of our recipes are original and designed in house.  
Just as one cannot make great wine without the best grapes, one cannot expect great tea from substandard ingredients. Accordingly, all of our teas are lovingly crafted using raw organic nonGMO herbs and plants we’ve sourced through local organic farmers s well as through Mountain Rose Organic Farm in Eugene, Oregon.





Hippocrateas creates small batch, hand crafted organic herbal infusions designed to restore, nourish, and protect. We also now provide organic fair trade certified traditional teas, many with herbal notes added.Our teas are 100% organic, free of GMOs   and never with any sugar added or anything artificial, just 100% goodness.



Zero Pesticides




We are passionate about wholistic organic nutrition and herbal medicine. We’ve been committed to organics since 1990!



Our ingredients are all select pure organic nonGMO.




Our recipes are designed in house– unique, original, and not available anywhere else.



We are the most sustainable tea company anywhere! All our wrapping and packaging is biodegradable, compostable, and nontoxic. Unlike other tea companies, we never willor nonbiodegradable packaging.



Our teas are bursting with benefits.



Our teas are created with you health and the wellness of our planet in mind.



5% of all our proceeds go to protecting people and animals, which includes resolving the bee crisis and reducing exposure to carcinogens, pesticides, fertilizers, and health damaging toxins.



We want everyone to know how wonderful nature is and how helpful to us. To keep it that way we need to take of the earth and not trash it anymore.



Nature can change your life. Hippocrateas brings nature to you in a most nourishing way, through herbal tea infusions.



We collaborate with like-minded people and organizations who have    your’s, your’s family and the earth’s best interest at heart.


Packaging matters. That’s why our teas are provided in glass mason jars that are reusable and collectible. We don’t use any toxic materials in any step of our processing. Our labels are designed with recycled kraft paper and nontoxic glue. 
And if you wish to have your tea in tea bags we only use unbleached biodegradable tea bags free of glue, adhesives and plastic! Our teabags may not be fancy like some of the nylon ones you’ll find by other commercial tea brands, but we care more about doing right by the environment than looking fancy. We keep it simple and natural, good for you good for nature.  To us, if it doesn’t biodegrade and isn’t compostable we won’t use it.  We are committed to your health as well as the health of all creatures on this planet. 





We’ve personally designed all our recipes in house. Each is original, crafted through inspiration and inspired through what we like to call, unseen forces. We strive to create not just a cup of flavorful delicious tea, but also a cup with such a health boost quotient that it’ll help you feel amazing. Each ingredient selected brings its own attributes that add to the abundance of benefits + joy every cup provides.



Get to know your food and how to nourish thyself while also keeping the planet well.  Stay on the lookout for our soon to be released handbook and field guide, packed with all the info you need for staying well in modern times. Get the low down on food, water, and outsmarting toxins with our healing recipes and solutions guide that will help you, your family and your pets be your healthiest.  May you always enjoy good health, and may we all one day enjoy a peaceful planet.





Did you know that since the 1990s cancer and other auto immune diseases have skyrocketed and so has the use of pesticides and GMOs? At Hippocrateas we don’t think that’s a coincidence and we believe it’s even more reason we need to protect our health and reduce the use of pesticides–not just to help the Bees but to help us too.  The World Health Organization predicts cancer will expand 70% by 2030!  We think that’s plenty of reason to do what we can to avoid carcinogenic substances as much as possible and fortify yourself with the best nutrition available. 
Through nourishment disease can be prevented and reversed. 

We strongly support reducing carcinogens and exposure to toxins while keeping yourself your healthiest through nourishment. Through every cup of tea sold, we contribute to organizations fighting for your health. By lowering pesticide use, we all stand a greater chance of avoiding cancer.


Hippocrateas Organic Teas is a medicinal herbal tea company devoted to health and wellbeing for people, animals and all of nature.
The journey began 27 years ago. I was on a quest to understand how people can best maintain their health? If someone incurs a serious disease, how can they get well?   

Because we’re all faced with toxins in this modern world and presented with health challenges of our own, everything we can do to help nourish and strengthen our immune system is valid.
Through Hippocrateas we offer the gifts from nature to you safely and soundly.


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Through the enjoyment of our teas, Hippocrateas strives to raise awareness concerning urgent environmental matters that affect our health and cause disease. 
By helping to save the bees, we help everyone. 
In a myriad of ways what you eat + drink can help make a difference to your and your family’s health. Not just that, purchasing our beverages will enable you to help the world without doing anything you don’t already do–that’s because we donate a percentage of our profits to protect people, animals, and planet from disease causing substances. Through helping the bees and  protecting the planet, we protect people everywhere. 
Organizations we support include:
Gilda’s Club of Chicago
The Rachel Carson Council
The Pesticide Action Network
Pesticide Free Zone
The V Foundation
Organic Consumers Association
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Natural Resources Defense Council
The Biodynamic Association
   Thank you, your purchases truly          
   help make a difference. 
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A votre sante!  



Regarded throughout the world as the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates is perhaps best known for believing in the power of nutrition to heal disease and illness. By far his most famous quote and belief isLet food by your medicine and medicine be your food.
Medical historians generally look to Hippocrates as the founder of medicine as a rational science.  It was Hippocrates who finally freed medicine from the shackles of magic, superstition, and the supernatural.Hippocrates collected data and conducted experiments to show that disease was a natural process; that the signs and symptoms of a disease were caused by the natural reactions of the body to the disease process; and that the chief role of the physician was to aid the natural resistance of the body to overcome the metabolic imbalance and restore health and harmony to the organism.  Hippocrates was born on the island of Cos, off the southwest coast of Asia Minor, or present-day Turkey, around 460 B.C.  His father was a physician-priest in the Asclepion at Cos, and his family could trace its lineage back to the legendary Asclepius.  Hippocrates lived a very long life and died at a ripe old age in the town of Larissa in Thessaly.